The HEALING Bracelet

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The HEALING Bracelet is comprised of two stones that complement and enhance the positive attributes of each other. Their primary colours (green, gold) are typically linked to the heart (4th), and solar plexus (3rd) chakras.

Malachite is a powerful healing stone that connects us to the healing and nurturing energies of the Earth. It is a stone of the heart, of deep transformation and emotional and spiritual growth. Malachite is a stone of good fortune and prosperity/abundance, too.

Golden Tiger's Eye helps us to embrace our power and authentic selves. Tiger's Eye gives us the courage, self-confidence, vitality and strength to face our fears and to persevere through our challenges.

The Loving Spirit believes that all healing comes from the ability to be ourselves and to open our hearts to others. Together these stones open us to this possibility, bringing the abundance of Spirit into our lives.

Bracelet Details:

  • Gemstone: Malachite and Golden Tiger's Eye
  • Bead Quality: A Grade
  • Bead Size: 8 mm
  • Bead Type: Polished
  • Stretch bracelet
  • Handmade in Toronto, Canada