At The Loving Spirit, our passion is to inspire others to connect with their Spirit and to live in alignment with the intuitive guidance and wisdom of our Soul. In doing so, each of us will move towards living a heart centered life where love, compassion and kindness to both ourselves and others is our deepest motivation and expression. At The Loving Spirit, we believe that the energetic power of Crystals can assist us in connecting to our Souls, grounding us to the Earth so that we can embody the loving qualities of our Spirit in our lives. 


Our Crystal Bracelets are designed with intention and are hand crafted with care and love using high grade genuine gemstones. We source most of our crystal beads locally, from reputable wholesale sellers. 

Our Crystal Bracelets are both beautiful and purposeful. They are designed to support you in connecting with and embodying your Spirit in your lives. We offer both our collection and custom made options.